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Outcome - Oriented Therapy

Perhaps you already know that simply talking about the problem repeatedly and relying solely on relaxation, exercise or medication doesn't resolve much. That’s why many people find themselves frustrated, confused, or simply hopeless in their search for a solution. With the use of strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, it's possible to interrupt and reframe the unconscious negative patterns effectively and fast. You'll not only start feeling better but, more importantly, learn to approach life differently through a straightforward and highly effective therapy approach.

Highly Personalised

A highly personalised service, led by Diana Lopez, a registered professional therapist who offers effective tools from the first session. Diana provides a personalised and safe approach, utilising hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy, which are 100% natural methods tailored to the needs of each client.

Relationships and Performance

Relationships play a central role in many emotional challenges, often leading to elevated stress levels, anxiety and physical symptoms that impact performance across various areas of life. Therefore, improving your relationships is a key area that is also improved through therapy to achieve long-lasting change.

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Hi, I'm Diana Lopez

In moments of emotional overwhelm, it's common to feel stuck in the belief that our circumstances are unchangeable. However, emotional and relationship challenges can be quickly addressed with effective therapy. As an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner based in Southbank near Melbourne CBD, I offer a non-traditional approach to mental health, breaking the 'norm', thinking outside the box, and providing more holistic care for each of my clients.

Of my clients, 90% have been professionals dealing with stress and anxiety symptoms, with 95% of these symptoms caused by conflicting relationships at work and in their personal lives.

Through the use of Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, I have helped many clients leave behind disempowering unconscious patterns and behaviours, overcome excessive self-doubt, question negative self-worth beliefs, and strengthen their connections to thrive in both personal and professional settings. Your circumstances can also radically improve. What are you waiting for?

If you're feeling weighed down and struggling to see a clear path forward, you don't have to go through it alone.

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Book a 15-minute free call with me to know more about your goals. No further commitment is required if you don’t feel ready.

Just talking or thinking about the problem doesn’t resolve much. That’s why many people find themselves feeling hopeless, frustrated, isolated, or simply giving up in their search for a solution. Through a straightforward experiential approach and the use of hypnotherapy as a core tool backed by numerous research studies, rapid and profound change is possible.

“Now I can say that my life has changed, now I know what things and people are good for me, I feel liberated and grateful.” – Andrea S.

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English & Spanish

In-person sessions by appointment only in Southbank near Melbourne CBD.

Online sessions are just as effective for those who prefer the comfort of their own space or are in different time zones. You only need a device with a camera, a stable internet connection and some privacy.

We understand that committing to a new therapist and therapy can be daunting for some. That’s why you can book your free 15-minute consultation call with Diana to help you familiarise yourself with the process and learn more about your goals.

“My experience has positively impacted many aspects of my life, by helping me understand the power of communicating effectively and having control over emotions and decisions.” – Sarah

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Maintaining good mental health is fundamental for overall well-being. Seeking the help of a reliable therapist can be the key to overcoming emotional challenges, including anxiety, stress, trauma, relationship conflict, life transitions, loneliness, migratory grief, phobias, and negative habits. If you feel stuck or simply want to improve your circumstances and move forward, please get in contact as soon as possible to experience change through the combination of strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

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Mental Health Student

Self-Esteem & Confidence December 2021

When I met Diana, I had very low self-esteem. Every time when I saw my face in the mirror, I felt that I was so ugly. I also could not stop comparing myself with "beautiful" people on Instagram and feeling sad. But after therapy with Diana, I started to accept myself little by little and now I can think like "I'm imperfect and perfect" and I love myself much more than before.

I highly recommend doing therapy with her. She always listened to me sympathetically without judgement, and I could share my feelings comfortably. She also gave me a lot of tools and tips to improve my life, which is very effective and I'm still using them.

CEO & Advertising

A Busy Mind February 2022

Before hypnotherapy, I had sleeping problems and they were generating work and personal conflicts. But thanks to Diana’s help, I have discovered the root of my problems. Now I have better routines and mechanisms to do better at work and with my family.

Brand Manager & Engineer

Deep Sadness & Low Mood March 2022

I'm 41 yrs old with a beautiful family and financial stability, but over the last few years I felt a deep sadness and a great emptiness in my heart from which I didn't know how to get out; then I understood that I needed professional help, someone that would really listen to me and help me to get out of this cycle. Fortunately I came across Diana, in every session she showed me her interest and love for improving my situation, she also skilled me up and made me aware of my actions.

Now I can say that my life has changed, now I know what things and people are good for me, I feel liberated and grateful. The guilt is gone, I managed to let go of the past and I know the value of the present, the people I love and have better self-esteem.

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