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Choose a better way of living your life. Yes, there are other choices. You can experience life with joy, vitality, self-confidence, inspiration, creativity and your meaning of success.


Get back in control of Yourself, release stress, gain vitality and learn how to focus on where you want to go or find a new direction to fulfilment. Don’t underestimate your resources and miss more opportunities.


Release, overcome, choose and create healthy and thriving relationships. First with Yourself and then with others. Human connection and love are two of the basic human needs to gain emotional balance.

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Hola! I’m Diana Lopez, Director of e.motion Hypnotherapy.

With the use of Modern Solutions Oriented Therapy, the first very real benefit is that the therapy will be brief, targeted, and results-driven to your own needs. My interest is to get you where you want to be in the fastest possible time so you can get on with your life. I don’t rush things, I just make the most of each session, and commit to you in a safe, open and trustworthy space.

Let’s make Your mind a better resource!


Tired of feeling stuck, bored, hopeless, anxious, nervous, sad or overwhelmed?

What seems unchangeable, in fact, changes, and with this experience, you will feel a strong sense of empowerment. Emotional balance connects to everything we DO in life; I believe that it is as important as breathing properly, eating, sleeping, exercising or attending a regular doctor’s check-up; likewise, therapy is an investment to keep your mind healthy, the most important resource of them all.

Many people find they start to feel better and DO things better after their first session as they begin the process of making real and sustainable changes.

I will teach You how to get back in control of You and how to make the most of your time with different tools and the use of Strategic Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, the most advanced leading-edge form of therapy of this kind available today in Australia.

Empirically-based methods that are tried, tested and proven.

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Online sessions available
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In my experience, for those who prefer the comfort of their own space or those in different time zones, online sessions work very well, still being private, interactive and secure.

All you need is a device with a camera, a comfortable sitting position, and some privacy.

At the start, it might be unclear how to commit to a course of treatment when the therapist and perhaps even the therapy is novel. As such, the first 20 minutes are complimentary, allowing you to build familiarity with the process.

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The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our actions and inactions, and as a result, the quality of our relations with ourselves, with others and how we perceive, interpret and create our life.

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Mental Health Student

Self-Esteem & Confidence December 2021

When I met Diana, I had very low self-esteem. Every time when I saw my face in the mirror, I felt that I was so ugly. I also could not stop comparing myself with "beautiful" people on Instagram and feeling sad. But after therapy with Diana, I started to accept myself little by little and now I can think like "I'm imperfect and perfect" and I love myself much more than before.

I highly recommend doing therapy with her. She always listened to me sympathetically without judgement, and I could share my feelings comfortably. She also gave me a lot of tools and tips to improve my life, which is very effective and I'm still using them.

CEO & Advertising

A Busy Mind February 2022

Before hypnotherapy, I had sleeping problems and they were generating work and personal conflicts. But thanks to Diana’s help, I have discovered the root of my problems. Now I have better routines and mechanisms to do better at work and with my family.

Brand Manager & Engineer

Deep Sadness & Low Mood March 2022

I'm 41 yrs old with a beautiful family and financial stability, but over the last few years I felt a deep sadness and a great emptiness in my heart from which I didn't know how to get out; then I understood that I needed professional help, someone that would really listen to me and help me to get out of this cycle. Fortunately I came across Diana, in every session she showed me her interest and love for improving my situation, she also skilled me up and made me aware of my actions.

Now I can say that my life has changed, now I know what things and people are good for me, I feel liberated and grateful. The guilt is gone, I managed to let go of the past and I know the value of the present, the people I love and have better self-esteem.

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