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Diana Lopez

The Vital Role of Human Interaction and Mental Well-being

Jun 5 2023

Human interaction is essential for mental well-being and and how hypnotherapy can help....

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Just One Word – HELP!

Jun 15 2022

As individual humans we are meant to go through endless forms of experiences and cope with each of them according to how we learnt to navigate them since our early years....

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In Our Own Stories

Jun 1 2022

Crafting our personal narratives enables us to weave together the threads of our own unique experiences. ...

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The Most Common Thinking Traps (Part 2)

Part 2May 15 2022

Ever gotten that sinking feeling that everyone around you is secretly judging your every move? That's mind reading,...

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The Most Common Thinking Traps (Part 1)

Part 1May 1 2022

We've all fallen into the trap of believing negative thoughts that only serve to bring us down. ...

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Self Care is Not Selfish (Part 2)

Part 2Apr 15 2022

Connecting with others is incredibly important for emotional well-being. Strong social relationships can provide stability and positivity in our lives...

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Self Care is Not Selfish (Part 1)

Part 1Apr 1 2022

Choosing a job can be a powerful tool for both personal fulfilment and emotional balance. It's an opportunity to define our sense of purpose and to feel good about ...

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