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Introduction to Phobias & Fears

Every day, we experience thousands of thoughts, with the majority of them occurring unconsciously. Some of these thoughts are essential for performing tasks, making decisions, and assessing situations. Over time, these thoughts become habitual, occurring so rapidly that we hardly notice them. However, there are also thoughts that are negative and unproductive, leaving us feeling stuck, fearful, stressed, and drained, hindering our ability to experience life in a more positive and productive manner.

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Find help for :

  • Stop and manage fears and procrastination
  • Break free from phobias (airplanes, close rooms, animals, people, lifts, tunnels, driving ...)
  • Mange self-doubt to make decisions
  • Initiate and nurture relationships
  • Manage thoughts random thoughts that cause worry, and have no meaning in your life
  • Park and manage flashbacks
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce rumination and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Trauma

It’s all connected

Excessive, unproductive thinking can take a toll on your body, leading to fatigue, aches, symptoms of illness, rapid breathing, sweating, trembling, and mild or severe skin conditions. It can also cause sleep disturbances, appetite changes, and gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, it may lead to behavioural problems such as addictions, which can significantly impact your overall health, relationships, and performance.

Strategic Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

Through the use of these effective tools, you can overcome fears, filter unconscious negative patterns, and assess risk more effectively. Many people struggle with phobias and fears, and hypnotherapy is one of the most effective tools to help you move forward with a positive mindset and feel more confident about experiencing life.

e.motion Hypnotherapy is located near Melbourne CBD and online. Book a Free 15-minute consultation call to find out more.

Why is it important to treat phobias and fears?

Untreated negative intrusive thoughts and fears can escalate into obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), marked by repetitive compulsions aimed at quelling these thoughts and restoring a sense of safety. This can lead to additional behavioural issues, health problems, and significant impacts on relationships and performance.

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